Let Gino's Italian Cookies take you back to that special place in your heart filled with fond memories of family and friends.

Gino’s Italian Bakery has been serving North Buffalo and the surrounding communities for more than thirty years. In November 2010, Pamela DiPalma purchased the bakery. Since that time Ms. DiPalma has emphasized the return to a more “old world” product line. The introduction of new variety of Italian cookies, derived from traditional DiPalma family recipes, continue to be a huge success with patrons.

For Ms. DiPalma the bakery business was a natural choice. Her interest in baking has roots in the fact that both of her paternal grandparents worked in bakeries or “paneterrias” in Naples, Italy before coming to America. Also, Ida DiPalma, Pamela’s mother is an avid baker with a deep love of baking for family and friends and who keeps the DiPalma household filled with the wonderful aromas of fresh baked breads and pastries, especially during the holidays.

In 2013 several noteworthy events happened to the bakery. First, the bakery’s location changed from the Hertel Avenue address to the new location on Kenmore Avenue at the corner of Colvin Avenue. The new location, complete with a parking lot, is a larger space that has opened up possibilities for expansion of the business. In addition, since the move, the Italian cookies and pastries have received acclaim in local newspaper and magazine articles. Gino’s Bakery was awarded first place in a local newspaper’s independent taste testing survey of Italian cookies for its Cuccidiati (fig) and Giguleni (sesame seed) cookies! Gino’s Italian cookies are now being sold in grocery stores and markets throughout the Western New York community.

Whether your favorite Italian desserts are cookies, cartocci, pasticiotti, cannolis or cassata cake, Gino’s Bakery is the place to go. The hope is that with each bite of a Gino’s dessert you will be treated to a little taste of “old world” Italy!